Friday, November 11, 2016


Recent fashion has been focusing on low-key pieces and dressing them up or down for the occasion. For men, women, and children joggers are the one piece everyone must have. They are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear for all body types.

Wouldn’t you love to leave the house in your sweats and not worry about looks from strangers? Oh I would! This is embarrassing to admit but until I was 20 whether it was an early trip to the store or traveling, pajamas were a regular thing for me and sad to say it is still a thing for my family.  Technically joggers are spruced up sweatpants, but are usually more fitted and taper towards the ankle. You can find them in an array of materials from linen to leather.  If only these were around back then…

The best part about them is their versatility. Lounge in them during the day with a loose tank or tee and then dress them up with a sexy bralette blazer and heels. You simply cannot go wrong with these.