Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Season after season, denim is a wardrobe essential, but the styles are always changing. So how do you keep up?
The key is to buy a classic silhouette that fits your body best and style it with trendy pieces. From day to night or even work to the every day casual, this is one to invest in, as in the right hands it can last a lifetime in your closet...  
The thing about a denim skirt is that since it is the epitome of casual dress, people don’t realize how versatile it is. Treat it as a basic staple, similar to a classic blue jean, and you can get a lot of mileage out of it.
I picked two classic silhouette styles of denim, a denim zip midi from Guess and a Moto mullet pelment skirt from Topshop. And put together a few outfits to demonstrate several ways you may wear each. Regardless of your shape, one of these two styles will work seamlessly. These 6 denim skirt outfits are just what you need to jump on the denim-skirt bandwagon this season!