Friday, June 24, 2016

It's a Cinch

Up your style game this summer with the paper bag waist trend. What is that you might ask? A paper bag waist can be found on a skirt, short, or pant. It is a high waited bottom, usually cinched with a belt or fabric tie, with gathered fabric coming out the top. The garment is often loose and way comfy. So how do you wear them without looking like an actual paper bag? Good question.  For most the hard part is knowing what top to pair it with. I suggest either a crop top or something very fitted.  

The best part of the paper bag waist trend is women of all shapes and sizes look amazing wearing it. By emphasizing the waist, you can make yourself look taller, as well as, up to two sizes smaller. However, pay attention to where you cinch the waist. Make sure it hits at your smallest part and you will love the small waist definition it provides.