Sunday, April 3, 2016

Water the Japanese Way

Its no secret I've been obsessing over blk. alkaline mineral water. It is my favorite go to water for the day. Blk. is infused with naturally black fulvic trace minerals. The innovative infusion of Fulvic trace minerals with fresh alkaline water, gives blk it's distinct black color. Looks CAN be deserving as the water tastes like fresh spring water. Trust! The fulvic trace minerals contain an abundance of natural plant sourced nutrients including: natural electrolytes, amino acids, 77 trace minerals, antioxidants, and a pH of 8.0+ AMAZING right?! Only problem is it is hard to find... Natural food stores that are for the crazy organic have them occasionally. I have to order them usually from Amazon. Link in image below..

But my new craze that is less expensive and easy to do. Filtering your water the way Japanese have been employing for over 500 years, using the active charcoal (the Japanese call it Binchotan) with its porous surface to remove all the chemical from your water. It makes tap water taste surprisingly good. You can buy Kishu Binchotan charcoal and put in your own container see link in image below... 

Or you can purchase this cleverly bottled charcoal all ready for use from Black+Blum: Eau Good Water Bottle $19.95