Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Best Kept Sceret

These little shoe halter pads can make your 5" heels feel like kittens. My absolute go to and must have for a night out on the town. How did I find these magic cushions? It took one brand new pair of leather booties and a shoot with the dancers from Fantasy. After stumbling to the changing room 4 hours in I had that "life changing" experience. One of the beauties, you know who you are ;), gave me a pair to try. The ladies swore by them and I found out why. Those boots instantly became more than bearable. 

Now the only places you can buy these foot saving wonders is at your local stripper store. Any of the ones off Saharah on the west side. Trust me not worth the trip unless you are in need now. It took two times of me being stared down by some shady guy in a black car with black tint and being followed till I was like I have to find these online. I know two time yikes! I seemed to always need them right now and couldn't wait so online buys would have to wait.

After much searching Sears carries them along with Amazon.